Katja-Shivani (Bharata Natyam)

Dance has always been an important part of my life and it has ever been my dream to become a dancer. After having learnt several kinds of dances as dance theater, folk dance or ballroom dance about twelve years ago I found my way to the classical Indian Dance. Being asked many times, why I as a typical Hamburg lass dedicates herself with full commitment to Indian dance and culture, I can only say, that the gods must have been involved. There was no connection from my family’s side nor was there any contact in school or my surroundings with India, when I first thought of learning Indian temple dance, it just happened.

There were three important and exceptional teachers, who accompanied my studies up to my Arangetram with my present guru Radha Sharma. The Arangetram – literally “stepping on the stage” – is the consecration of the student as a dancer. Disciple and Teacher are together on the stage, where the dancer accompanied by her teacher and musicians shows, what she has learnt over the years.

Apart from the traditional practical dance lessons I have taken regular examinations at the OFAAL, the West Tamil-School at London for dance and dance theory, up to my Arangetram. With graduating in classical singing I have received my diploma as a dancer in 2009.

Already before my Arangetram I have been teaching Bharata Natyam to children. Meanwhile I hold classes for beginners and advanced students in Hamburg and in the area of Jork and Buxtehude near Hamburg, where I follow the traditional path of learning classical Indian dance including the theoretical knowledge, the hand gestures, the poses of the feet, head and neck movements etc. according to the philosophy of KALAMITRA.