Anna Grover (Bharata Natyam and Brahmari-Kathak)

I have been dancing since my childhood. At the age of 4 I started with ballet for children, because it was the usual standard training for a child at that time. However, contrary to most of my friends, who started together with me but soon lost interest, I went on. This way dance found me. Later on the ballet was complemented by Modern Dance and Jazz Dance.

Especially the encouraging experiences I made with my later teachers, when I learnt how to express abstract themes in my own way, prompted my decision to become a dance teacher by myself. After my high school graduation I underwent a qualified dance pedagogic training course at the renowned Lola-Rogge-School in Hamburg, where I passed the state board examine. Thereafter I was teaching for several years and was able to gain experience with various levels of dance and age groups.

But even during my time of education I was always looking for something special, something, which is different and can take me beyond the usual stuff. When I once saw a dance recital of Madhumita Saha, I knew that I have found it and I became a student of her. It was not only the dance, which captivated me but also the theoretical background, the philosophy and the Indian culture altogether. During long stays in India I had the opportunity to immerse deeply into the culture of India.

Later on I changed to my present guruji Vijaya Rao at the Nateschwara Academy in Switzerland. There I increased the depth of my knowledge and have been learning the Pandanallur-Style of Bharata Natyam in the traditional Guru-Shishya-Parampara, which I now pass on to my students.